The Terminator: Dawn of Fate (PS2)


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The Terminator: Dawn of Fate gives further insight into the saga first introduced to movie audiences by James Cameron in 1984. Returning to the year 2027 in Dawn of Fate, humanity dangles on the brink of extinction at the hands of artificial intelligence powerhouse, Skynet. Terminators, Skynet’s deadly robots, have begun to infiltrate and destroy the remaining scattered human resistance encampments.Humanity finds its last chance for survival in Tech Com, a highly organized group of resistance fighters led by John Connor. Recognizing Tech Com’s strength, Skynet initiates a sinister plan to travel back in time and erase Connor from history, breaking the spirit of the human resistance once and for all. Fortunately, Connor discovers Skynet’s deadly plot to murder his mother, Sarah, and plans a counterattack to stop Skynet in its tracks. Set in the vivid landscape of a post-apocalyptic Earth, The Terminator: Dawn of Fate places the fate of the human race in the your hands. Battling Terminators and other sinister hunter/killer opponents, you must complete a series of complex and dangerous missions to help Connor and his army overthrow Skynet. Confronting bleak futuristic urban battlefields, mountainous valleys, hi-tech R&D labs and heavy machine factories, only the toughest resistance fighters will be able to access Skynet’s time travel facility, and send a lone protector into the past to prevent the Terminator from taking Sarah Connor’s life.

Pre-loved Play Station Game.

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Release Year 2002
Platform Sony PlayStation 2
Game Name Adventure
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Esrb Rating T- (Teen)
Game Terminator: Dawn of Fate
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